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Coming Soon: A Website Detailing The Pennmommy Internet Scandal

With the latest hearing in Harrisburg coming up on September 23rd, I mentioned in one of my previous entries, that if we are going to have laws enacted in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, that are based on testimony of Jodi & Kevin Kreider, there should be questions addressed to them about their credibility, especially involving The Pennmommy Internet Scandal which was used as an attempt to sway public opinion against The Gosselin Family after Jodi & Kevin Kreider were no longer on the show Jon & Kate Plus 8.  Pennmommy was endorsed by Jodi’s sister Jule Brown, and advertised heavily on Musings From The Moon which is now a defunct Anti-Gosselin blog, as well as the well known blog Gosselins Without Pity.  The Scandal went far beyond that, when the public began to question the credibility of Pennmommy, All of a sudden Pennmommy had a son on his deathbed, and was constantly sick.  Musings From The Moon was the main advertising hub for Pennmommy propaganda (endorsed by Julie Brown herself) that was later proven untrue.

When everything was exposed, Gosselins Without Pity closed their site for an entire day to purge all of their endorsements of Pennmommy as a credible source.  Julie Brown did the same.  Anybody that has been critical of The Kreiders have since been smeared on the internet on various blogs, as well as Rip Off Report to make those smears more visible in The Google Search Engine.  This new site is going to be a library of everything Pennmommy related, and it will have deleted articles from blogs including all of The Julie Brown blog entries that she deleted, and much more.

Bottom line is these things need to be brought to the attention of The General Assembly, before they even consider a word that Jodi and Kevin Kreider say is true.  When laws are passed, we all have to abide by them.  We count on the laws being passed to be passed based on facts, and intense research.  When laws are passed based on lies, and gossip, in the end it will hurt people that did nothing wrong.  I object completely to the notion that my tax dollars are being used, simply because Jodi & Kevin Kreider have an axe to grind with Kate Gosselin.  Its a family affair that should be kept amongst themselves, not in our legislative house.

We are hoping to have this site open within the next couple of days, so check back often for updates.  In the meantime the address is  If you have anything to contribute, e-mails, documents, or other evidence related to Pennmommy, an e-mail address will be setup soon to receive that information, and all entries will be kept confidential.

Thank you.

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    I have every blog post that Penn Mommy ever made except for her very first one. The above link is only one of her blog posts. To tell you the truth, I have offered to post the other Penn Mommy blog entries(and the comments that originally followed them) in the past but there just wasn’t sufficient interest for me to go to the trouble that it would take to do so. I have the original HTML documents, but I think that the moment’s gone… If enough people contact me and request it, I’ll post the blog entries and comments at